There are some sayings that encourage us to hold back and to not expect too much from life. ”All good things come to an end” is one of them. Some more: ”easy come, easy go”, ”hope for the best, prepare for the worst”, ”if you play with fire, you’ll get burned”.

But does it really work that way?

All good things come to an end?

One of the things that has been most crucial to how I look at life is when I fully realized that I can actually have an impact on what comes into my life. Maybe not the really big decisive events *, but the things that happen in my everyday life. I don’t just have to accept what comes my way and then relate to it. I can influence it by changing the energy I send out. Which is much more fun than feeling like a victim of the circumstances.

You have probably come across the kind of person who seems to have an unusual flow in their life. They somehow always find a parking space. If they need to buy an odd thing they stumble across that thing in some peculiar way. If they quit their job they are offered a new, better one “out of the blue”. They get the nicest apartment when they book a holiday trip. They always get food they are happy with when they eat at restaurants etcetera. How do they do it? Are they simply born with luck?

All good things come to an end


To be able to relate to the rest of this post you need to agree with the statement that everything in the world consists of and is made up of energy. Depending on the frequency at which the energy in an object vibrates, the object is more or less dense. Stone vibrates, for example, on one frequency and wood on another. This usually feels quite logical as long as you stick to things you can touch, but become a little more abstract when you talk about thoughts and feelings. Becaucse different thoughts and feelings have different frequencies too. You can, for example, feel “low” and “high”. Which matches well with the frequency that the feeling has. A low-frequency feeling can, for example, manifest itself as powerlessness, pessimism, disappointment, fear and passivity. High-frequency emotions are, for example, inspiration, creativity, trust, faith in the future and courage.

Maybe you have noticed that you yourself have more flow when you are in a good mood?

Thoughts -> emotions -> frequency

The thoughts you think affect the emotions you feel. The emotions you feel affect your frequency. What happens next is quantum physics. Things that are on the same frequency as the one you send out will be attracted into your world.

If you expect your computer and other technical stuff to give you a hard time, they probably will.

If you have full confidence that you will get a time for a haricut just before Christmas, even though it is “always” fully booked, you will get it.

It has nothing to do with chance. But what is required for something positive to happen is that you feel convinced that it will work out. It is not enough to “hope”. The key word is trust.

It can be easier to fall into a low frequency than to switch to a high one if you have been used to expecting problems. Which most of us have probably learned since we were little. One should be careful and one should not think that things just work out and so on…

The Law of Attraction

According to the Law of Attraction (often abbreviated to LOA), we can create the lives we want by adjusting our beliefs. When we change our beliefs, we change what we attract into our lives. There are lots of books, youtube channels etcetera that explain how it works. My favorite on youtube is Abraham- Hicks.

As said before, there are several old sayings that focus on the negative aspect of the law of attraction. Which actually encourages us to be careful and to feel like passive victims of the circumstances. ”All good things come to an end” is an example of that. Which actually becomes self-fulfilling. If you expect good things to end and be substituted with bad things when you have had ”too much” of good things you adjust your frequency to ”bad things”. Which will of course attract something that matches that vibration. And when it does it feels natural to interpret it as true and correct not to expect too much of life. We deciede that it’s better to be cautious so we are prepared when the bad thing hits.

My tip: toss the old sayings and “words of wisdom” from ignorant friends, relatives and acquaintances that hold you back and focus on how you can increase your frequency instead. It will make your life a lot more enjoyable!


* How we view major decisive events that shape our lives is related to our view of ”the meaning of life”.

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