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Coaching by Eva

– coaching in Linköping or by video call –


What do you dream about? What fills you with energy? Coaching may help you figure out what you want to change or develop in your life.


Coaching in Linköping


In coaching, it is primarily the desired situation forward in time that one concentrates on. How you want life to develop from here on out. Read more here: From here on out


Some experiences from our past may for sure need to be analyzed and processed. But once that is done and completed, there is little or nothing to gain from going back again and again. Then you may instead need help finding tools to move forward. This is where coaching comes in. Because, being stuck in emotions that are part of what happened a long time ago prevents us from living fully, and from enjoying what is going on right now. It is of course possible to get by anyway, but life can be so much more fulfilling if you set the bar a little bit higher than that!


The coaching relationship is an equal relationship between the coach and the client, where the client is seen as an expert on themself. The purpose of coaching is to lift and develop the strong, healthy and positive and create motivation to implement it.

I have a duty of confidentiality and always have your best interest in mind. By listening without judgement and with full focus on you I can help you to find the answers within yourself. Does it sound exciting? It is!




We usually trust the “logic” in our brains more than anything else, but thoughts aren’t always true.
Our emotions give us clues about what we truly want and long for.
When are you happy?
What fills you with energy and inspiration?
What do you long for right now?



Eva Ågren Larsson

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