About Eva

I chose to become a coach for the same reason that I initially chose to train as a dietitian – I wanted to know how it works and to be able to help other people. My greatest driving forces in life have always been those two things; my curiosity and my desire to help. I still find the human body and its functions interesting and fascinating, but it is the other parts of our “self” that really interest me. I never tire of delving into how our thoughts and feelings affect us and also have a great interest in spiritual matters.

After working for 10 years in healthcare, I chose to change tracks completely. Large organizations where small changes take a long time are not really my true element. At this time, electronic medical journals were new and I thought programming seemed fun. I therefore chose to train as a system developer and have worked with business system development, with web development and as a project manager. I am also a yoga teacher and had a yoga studio for a four-year period. I don’t have my own place anymore but I teach yoga once a week.

What appeals to me the most about coaching is that the focus is on “from here and onwards”. Sure, there may be good reasons to process some experiences, but once done there is nothing to gain from going back again and again. It is not possible to enjoy what is going on right now or move forward if you are constantly looking back.


  • Registered dietitian
  • Bachelor of Science in Information Systems Analysis
  • Yoga teacher 200 h
  • ICF Coach
  • Ongoing: Soul Connection Coach
Eva Ågren Larsson
Other things

I ride Icelandic horses every week and enjoy being in nature. There is a special energy around trees that always calms me down. I need time for myself to replenish my energy and to be able to think in peace. 🙂 But I also like social gatherings like conserts and going to the theater. The thing I like most is the feeling of connectedness that arises when a group of people are truly present and all focus on the same thing. Which is really a lot like the feeling you get when you are totally focused on the person you are coaching. I find it very exciting to see what comes up when we let go of our usual thought patterns and just observe what arises in the moment.

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