Coaching programs

Our first session is usually not a traditional coaching session but more of a conversation with some coaching in it. The idea is to create a comfortable space where you can form an opinion about me as a coach. It is very important that you feel comfortable and secure with me in order for the coaching sessions to be rewarding. And it’s of course up to you to decide what topics you want to bring up during our sessions.

A set of coaching sessions is usually at least 4 or 5 times. After the first session you can choose to book a package deal or one session at the time.

Start session 45 min

The first session is always a video call or a regular phone call. At this session I will give you some more information about coaching and how we will work together onwards.

  • Price: 450 SEK

Book a start session

Coaching session 45 – 60 min

Maximum time is 60 minutes. Sometimes the desired result for the session is reached quickly and sometimes it takes a bit more time. If we both feel that the session is complete before the 60 minutes have passed we end the session at that time.

  • Phone or video call: 650 SEK
  • Coaching in person: 750 SEK

Coaching program 4 x 60 min

In this program we lay the foundation with some important exercises that will help you gain insight into your dreams and driving forces. We also set clear goals to help you chart the direction and maintain your focus. Each session includes a special exercise that aims to deepen your knowledge of yourself.

  • Phone or video call:  2 200 SEK
  • Coaching in person: 2 550 SEK

Coaching programs

Coaching in person, phone calls or video calls

The most common arrangement is to meet in person for the coaching session, but it also works really well with coaching by phone or video call. Sometimes it’s experienced as an advantage that you do not have to meet. Partly because it takes less time, but also because you can be a little more in your own sphere if you are at a familiar location. Some people also find it easier to focus on themselves when they don’t need to relate as much to the other person. Please contact me if you have any questions about how coaching works.

My consulting room is located in Linköping, Sweden.

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