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Coaching by Eva

– coaching and inspiration –


In coaching, the starting point is that we have resources within us that we can utilize in a better way or to a greater extent. Reaching what you think is really important and finding your driving forces can release large amounts of energy. It can increase your understanding of both yourself and others. A knowledge that is extra valuable and important in a world where we are served other people’s opinions at an ever faster pace.

The coaching relationship is an equal relationship between the coach and the client, where the client is seen as an expert on himself. The purpose of coaching is to lift and develop the strong, healthy and positive and create motivation to implement it. The coach has a duty of confidentiality and always has the client’s best interests in mind.

What do you prioritize in your life?

What makes you happy? What gives you energy? What do you dream about? How can you find balance in your life? Feeling secure in one’s life choices and values ​​makes it possible to live life the way one wants to.

Coaching & Inspiration



We usually trust the “logic” in our brains more than anything else, but thoughts aren’t always true.
Our emotions give us clues about what we truly want and long for.
When are you happy?
What fills you with energy and inspiration?
What do you long for right now?



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